Recommended Places to Visit in Thanksgiving Day

Recommended Places to Visit in Thanksgiving Day

Do you want to spend your Thanksgiving in different place but you don’t know where to go? The information below shows to you the best places to visit to spend Thanksgiving party. It hopes by visiting those places you will get new Thanksgiving party experience and even an unforgettable one. So, here is the list!

Spending Thanksgiving in CaribbeanSpending Thanksgiving in Caribbean

This is one of the best places to visit in Thanksgiving. This is considered as a holiday time and most of resorts in Caribbean will be opened for tourists. For your reference, it will be great to spend your Thanksgiving by visiting Jamaica or Puerto Rico. Commonly, they held Thanksgiving holiday in November. It is a recommended place because the weather is warm and there will be a lot of foods and drinks offered there.

Spending Thanksgiving in South AmericaSpending Thanksgiving in South America

Besides visiting Caribbean, you can also spend your Thanksgiving with your beloved family by visiting South America. To get warm weather experience, you may visit specific place such as Memphis in Tennessee or Marfa in Texas. You can feel the Thanksgiving atmosphere around the place including its museum, art performance, and restaurant. It is a party time there.

Spending Thanksgiving in Andaman Island in IndiaSpending Thanksgiving in Andaman Island in India

For beach lovers, this place is the best place for every season including Thanksgiving. For your unforgettable Thanksgiving holiday, just go to Andaman Island. This island has beautiful beaches. If you think it is not enough, you may also consider swimming with elephants. Definitely, it is really a unique and an unforgettable way to spend Thanksgiving.

Spending Thanksgiving in MexicoSpending Thanksgiving in Mexico

If you have a time to spend Thanksgiving in different country, you may choose Mexico. Then, you should go to a specific place namely San Miguel de Allende. This is a great place to spend Thanksgiving and you can feel the great atmosphere there. Let say, restaurants around this place will serve special menus to celebrate Thanksgiving. Plus, there is also a culinary festival in July and this is a perfect time to taste their local foods. They also celebrate it with dancing, gathering, and party with traditional costumes.

Spending Thanksgiving in ChileSpending Thanksgiving in Chile

Chile is also a great place to visit in Thanksgiving. One of a must visit places is Atacama Dessert. Just imagine that you can see the beauty and outstanding landscape by riding a horse. It is really a unique way to spend Thanksgiving. In fact, November or the Thanksgiving time is the best time to go to Chile especially Atacama Dessert. The weather is warm and comfortable enough for holiday.

Spending Thanksgiving in ItalySpending Thanksgiving in Italy

You may also take Italy on the list of a must visit place in Thanksgiving. Sicily will be the best place to visit. The main reason is because this place has the best red wine to enjoy and Thanksgiving is the ideal time to enjoy this high quality red wine. While enjoying high quality red wine, you can also enjoy their special snack. The snack is including fried anchovies and chickpea fritters. Just enjoy your time there and feel different Thanksgiving party sensation in Italy.

Spending Thanksgiving in CanadaSpending Thanksgiving in Canada

Toronto is a must visit place in Canada. The best part is that this is the time when all hotels are offering interesting deals. You may get a low price place to stay. Thanksgiving means you have to eat a lot and all of restaurants in Toronto will be opened with their special Thanksgiving menu. You may go to popular places such as St. Lawrence Market, the Aga Khan Museum, or the Art Gallery of Ontario with your family to spend your Thanksgiving event.

Which one of the places above will be the perfect place to visit during Thanksgiving? Each of places offers different atmosphere, celebration, and experience in Thanksgiving. You should try it one by one to feel the sensation of different Thanksgiving celebration in different place.

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