How People Celebrate Thanksgiving Party

How People Celebrate Thanksgiving Party

Do you know that some countries celebrating thanksgiving event differently? It is great to learn how they celebrate thanksgiving event. There is a possibility that you go there in thanksgiving and celebrate it with the local citizen. Here are the list of countries which celebrate Thanksgiving and the way they celebrate it.

Thanksgiving Celebration in CanadaThanksgiving Celebration in Canada

The first Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated by small feast. Some of contemporary Canadians celebrate this event on the second Monday of October. October is chosen because it is the same with European harvest festival. The small feast is held by family gathering. Each member of the family is sitting on around dining table. Then, they are enjoying some delicious menus such as turkey, stuffing, and pies. They enjoy those foods while talking about everything they want. This is the time when all family members come together and eat on the same table. It is so much fun along with foods cooked from fresh ingredients from the local farm or market.

Thanksgiving Celebration in ChinaThanksgiving Celebration in China

Thanksgiving celebration in China is also known by Autumn Moon Festival. This event is the way to celebrate the end of harvest time. The celebration is different than Canadian in which Chinese people tend to held big feast. Even, Thanksgiving is included on the holiday date in China. In specific, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Just go to Chine on September or October and see the crowd there. The reason of choosing this time is because this is the time where the moon spread its brightest light and roundest. This is the sign of goodness especially for friendship and romance. Just like any other Thanksgiving party, Chinese family will eat together on one table. There will be several special menus there. What makes it different than any other country is that Chinese family will serve a special cake known as a moon cake. A moon cake is flaky pastry and it is stuffed with sweet or savory filling.

Thanksgiving Celebration in KoreaThanksgiving Celebration in Korea

Korean people are also celebrating Thanksgiving party. Commonly, they are celebrating it in the end of September and early October. Just like China, Korea also includes thanksgiving as their holiday date. To celebrate Thanksgiving, Korean family will be gathering for praying to the ancestors. Then, they share foods and stories. Definitely, they do it while enjoying some foods. What makes their foods special is that all of the menus are cooked from the harvested ingredients. It is fresh and delicious. If China has to serve a moon cake, Korea also has specific menu in Thanksgiving called Songpyeon. Songpyeon is glutinous rice. It is kneaded into a little cake and filled with various filling. The common filling is red beans, chestnut, and many more. The unique tradition is that they have to go to the graveyard of their family or ancestors first. It is done to show respect to the family and ancestors who have been passed away. When it is finished, the party is started. They are served any kind of foods and drinks and enjoyed it while dancing, wrestling, and dressing in traditional costumes.

Thanksgiving Celebration in LiberiaThanksgiving Celebration in Liberia

Before visiting Liberia in Thanksgiving Day, you may learn how Liberian celebrates their Thanksgiving party. It seems it is a must to serve foods and drinks on Thanksgiving party. Interestingly, Liberian will serve and enjoy mashed cassava. The mashed cassava is cooked with local herbs. Liberian is celebrating Thanksgiving on the first Thursday of November.

In conclusion, it is true that Thanksgiving is celebrated by a party, gathering with family, foods, and drinks. It is done to show their thanks to God who give them a lot of harvest this year. So, how about you? How do you celebrate your Thanksgiving?

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